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   CPC Fasteners International Co., Ltd


  • C= Customers'  satisfaction is our first priority

  • P= People make things possible

  • C=Capitalist creates “Win-win” business


We are a Taiwan-based professional manufacturer and exporter of FASTENERS. Being established in 1999, we have been operating and building customer bases around the world, including South East Asia, America, Europe and so on. We have earned ourselves good reputations among our customers. In order to meet the demand of LOW COST of our customers, we keep expanding our production lines. Moreover, we have been running a professional production control system to ensure that every single order can be delivered on time. Based on the goal of TQM (total quality management) and maintaining outstanding quality, we set up a professional lab for quality control.

Quality Guarantee:


  • ISO 9001 Certificated

  • CE EN 14566 : 2008+A1

  • CE EN 14592 : 2008+A1


History of CPC

1999 ~ CPC  Established

2003 ~ ISO 9001 Certified

2011 ~ CE EN14566 Certified

2015 ~ CE EN14592 Certified

We believe that our high quality fasteners, competitive prices and excellent services will find ready sales in your markets